World’s Largest Civilian Hospital Ship, the Global Mercy™ Successfully Passes Final Sea Trials

Mercy Ships announced this week that the Global Mercy™ has now completed deep water sea trials, one of the final milestones in the countdown towards the hospital ship’s delivery, equipping, maiden voyage and launch into service to sub-Saharan Africa in 2022.

After Global Mercy™  makes her way to Belgium for final touches, Smith Engineering technicians will be on board to install our customized high purity water system.

The highly customized water purification system will provide high purity water for the surgical rooms and laboratories aboard Global Mercy™ . It will be used to disinfect all of their medical equipment.

Engineers primarily focused on making the machine simple to operate and sustainable because there won’t be anyone on board who will know the technicalities of the machine.

Smith’s engineers also creatively designed the system to be disassembled to fit in Global Mercy’s narrow passages as it makes it way down to the bottom of the ship to be installed in its designated space. Here it will be reassembled by Smith’s expert technicians and will provide highly sanitized water needed for the thousands of surgeries that will be performed.

We are a proud partner of Mercy Ships and continue to raise money for this highly customized water purification system. Please consider donating to our Smith Engineering Mercy Ships Fund.