Why Is This Guy Smiling?

Bob Lucas & Bob DuPont

Pictured above with Bob Lucas, Smith Engineering owner is Bob DuPont SR who until recently owned Rubber Fab, the elastomer technology provider from Sparta, NJ whom Smith is honored to represent in the Midwest.  Rubber Fab was recently purchased by Garlock, an industrial elastomer technology provider.

Bob DuPont has provided significant contributions to the bio-pharm processing industry for many years.  His original company, Sani-Tech was an innovative creation of sanitary non-metallic technology.  Later purchased by Nalge and then Saint-Gobain, the Sani-Tech product line still exists today with a significant footprint in bio-pharm, food process, and purified water applications.  Rubber Fab has contributed a significant array of gasket technology to what was previously a very boring product….today the Rubber Fab breadth of gasket technology is an amazing testament to Bob DuPont’s creative and innovative mind.

Bob is one of the most innovative and imaginative thinkers ever found in the industry, and also one energetic and passionate salesman!  Above all of that he is also one great guy.  He might have sold, but no way has this guy ever retired!   Congratulations Bob!