Welcome Rachael Fuentes

Rachael FuentesRachael Fuentes is Smith’s new Accounting Associate. Rachael Lives in Norwood Young America with her partner, Nick, his daughter, Lexi and her son, Ian Maximus. The family also consists of Lucy the cat, and Khaleesi the dog. Rachael is in the process of obtaining Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration at Kaplan University.  

Rachael says, “I love spending time with my family and friends. When the weather is nice we are always outside walking, running biking, camping, and having bonfires. I personally love to cook and try new recipes so I am a bit of a chef in my own kitchen.” Rachael also says, “I am always interested in trying new things such as a new sport or traveling somewhere I have never been. I think my biggest accomplishment has been raising my son, being a full-time mom and working full-time and still being sane which is an accomplishment in itself! I am originally from California and never left.  I am a knowledge junkie – every day is a learning lesson and I try not to miss an opportunity to learn something new.”

Rachael’s quotes to live by: “The best is yet to come…” & “Live, Laugh Love” 

Welcome, Rachael!