Water Treatment System Ensures the Freshest, Healthiest Minnows, Leeches, and More!

Sporting goods store, Cabin Fever, turned to Smith Engineering for the best solution to treat the water supply to their live bait wells.

Jeff Byrne opened the full line sporting goods store, Cabin Fever, in 1987.  The Victoria, Minnesota store prides itself on excellent service and product inventory in fishing, live bait, firearms and archery.

Jeff’s existing system supplying his live bait wells was not doing its job to the standard required for optimal healthy minnows but he wasn’t sure where to turn to seek help.

Last February by happenstance Smith Build Technician, Brady Whealon, crossed Jeff’s threshold at Cabin Fever looking for an ice fishing rod.  Brady was preparing for his maiden ice fishing excursion on Lake Waconia in the Smith Engineering 4 man ice house with some coworkers. Little did he know that he would be helping Cabin Fever owner, Jeff, by explaining that Smith designs and builds custom water purification systems. Jeff contacted Smith seeking help to solve his minnow water purification problem.

Jeff’s call put him in contact with Sales Engineer, Brian Johnson, and Service manager, Steven Bass, who were happy to help. Brian and Steven began developing an economical low maintenance system to filter out Minnow waste matter, organics and chlorine free water. This new system would replace the older high maintenance system that was undersized. The goal was to improve the environment extending minnow life with better water quality and maintain consistent flow.

A unique aspect of the system was that it must maintain constant water flow rate above 10-12 GPM through multiple minnow Live Wells looped with the filtration system. Stopping flow or low flow and/or chlorine contact with minnows in water will cause a detrimental environment for minnows’ survival and loss of revenue for Cabin Fever.

Brian’s design solution was to install filter media to remove Minnow waste matter. A Bypass was installed around the Filter System which allows changing-out filters without interruption of water flow. Post filtration, parallel carbon filters were installed. Carbon filters are sized for individual flow rate above minimum 15 minutes empty bed contact time (EBCT) to remove chlorine and organics. Parallel Carbon filters allow sequential individual backwash of carbon filter manually initiated, again without interruption of water flow.

Smith Service Technician, Chris Fargo, did a great job installing the system neatly and efficiently. With the new Smith designed system installed the Water Clarity was improved dramatically. The system operates with manageable economical and operational system maintenance. Minnow life has been sustained hence improving the bottom line for Cabin Fever profitability.

If you are looking for knowledgeable, professional fishing and hunting service and the freshest, healthiest minnows, leeches, and more stop in at Cabin Fever! Located a 1550 Arboretum Blvd. (Hwy. 5), Victoria, MN 55386