VP of Operations, Bob Lucas, visits Mercy Ships Headquarters in Lindale, Texas

While working at Abbott Laboratories in Irvine, Texas this week, I took the opportunity to make the 100 mile drive out to the Headquarters of Mercy Ships in Lindale, Texas.  The headquarters sits on a parcel of around 900 acres of beautiful, rolling and wooded hills.  According to the Biomedical Manager, Tom Velnosky, a number of things just “aligned” several years ago to allow Mercy to take possession and later purchase the property.

Left to right: Russ Holmes, Director of Corporate Relations; Darrin Fry, Warehouse Manager; Tom Velnosky, Biomedical Systems Manager

The headquarters strikes you as a combination Old West Town and Dude Ranch.  There are administration buildings, mess hall, coffee shops and temporary lodging for new volunteers enroute to one of the hospital ships or permanent staff that have just relocated to Lindale.  You will also find the materials warehouses that contain the multitude of medical supplies required to operate this seagoing charitable organization.  Typically, one or two containers are shipped monthly to Africa Mercy to support her ongoing operations.  In the photo to the right, Russ Holmes (Director of Corporate Relations), Darrin Fry (Warehouse Manager) and Tom Velnosky (Biomedical Systems Manager) stand in front of crated medical equipment awaiting transport to the newest hospital ship Global Mercy.

The Anchorage Coffee Shop

Smith Engineering and partners have raised almost $100,000 in support of the new ship.  Please consider joining us in August for our Annual Charity Golf Event to be held once again at Deer Run in Victoria, MN.

Left to right: Tom Velnosky, Bob Lucas and CEO of Mercy Ships, Donavan Palmer