USP purified water at 140gpm

USP Purified Water at 140 gpm!

Smith Engineering recently designed and manufactured a Pharma System which was built to support manufacturing in a 300,000 square foot expansion project. The system operates with the latest advancements in water treatment to produce and distribute USP purified water at 140 gallons per minute. The generation system utilizes Reverse Osmosis, Continuous Electronic Deionization (CEDI), Ultraviolet Light Disinfection and Hollow Fiber Microfiltration. The distribution system uses Ozonation as the primary form of sanitization.

We provide full service manufacturing of your water system.
Including design, development, manufacturing, transport, installation and training. Validation also available upon request.


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We’ve got you covered from inception to delivery, training, validation and all the steps in between.

USP Purified Water at 140 gpm