Unique Purification Solutions

The Smith Engineering team offers custom solutions for our customer needs. Check out these custom water purification systems that were recently completed by our Build Department.


4 gpm RO & 15 gpm DI/MF

ROI System

This system features an RO to save on operating costs and a 15gpm DI distribution to meet USP purified quantity to serve for batch filling for a skincare company. This system was purchased with an IQ/OQ validation package that will be completed simultaneously with startup to prove the customers specifications are met.

ROI Water Purification System


5 gpm USP

USP System

This fully assembled system features single stage mixed-bed deionized (DI) USP purified quality water having unique individual water quality requirements used for electronics Laboratory in Medical Device company. High-Purity distribution Loop piping design is continuous recirculation passing through DI system to maintain water quality and control microbial contamination.


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