Smith Engineering Mercy Ships Fund is the recipient of the generous charitable support from those in our community and businesses that we serve. It is an honor to recognize and thank our distinguished donors.

You as an individual or business are invited to join Smith Engineering’s Mercy Ships Honor Roll, a network of community-minded individuals and businesses whose philanthropic support is key to helping us achieve our goal.  You can donate now.

Honor Roll Participants

Pledges and Gifts of $5,000+

Abdo, Eick & Meyers, LLP

Pledges and Gifts of $1,000+


Pledges and Gifts of $750+

Sun Wisneski

Pledges and Gifts of $500+

Indelco Plastics Corp – Steve & Trent Dore

Harrington Industrial Plastics

David and Kimberly Stromswold

Hawkins Inc

Pledges and Gifts of $250+

Harm and Charlotte Rand

Boyer & Associates

Fidelity Bank, Edina MN

Boulay PLLP

Mettler-Toledo Inc

Pledges and Gifts of $100+

Lowell Christiansen

Overbo & Associates

Gerald and Christine Weiland

Jeff Bertsch

Gecko Graphics

Lisa Hammer

David and Barbara Greenberg

Tim Backlund – Federated Insurance

Garlock Hygienic Technologies LLC dba Rubber Fab Technologies Group

Pledges and Gifts of $50+

Joanie Lubeck

Pamela Williams

Hal Devereux

Michelle Devereux

Tanya Doering

Penny and Rick Schroeder

Mark and Christine Audette

Harry and Darci Landvick

Tek Pro Solutions

Cliff Dougherty

Tim Backlund

Jamie Shivery

Steve Sander