Smith replaces Tried and True 28 year old system for Emerson

Smith is proud to have built the two pass RO system that served Emerson for 28 years. With that in mind, design engineer, Jake Weiers custom designed a new system for Emerson that could service their expanding requirements.

Extensive time was spent on site and in house to study the existing equipment and come up with a solid plan of integration into facility.

The solution was a 65 GPM RO feeding lead/lag two beds. Parallel pumps for all operations ensure little to no down time.   Custom controls provide ease of operation. Two pieces of new equipment located on different floors to meet space requirements with robust communication between both. The RO and DI aspects of the machine designed to run together or independently to ensure operation of facility. GE RX3i PLC controller with Profibus remote i/o rack and Profibus valve card for application of technology.  Two touch screens for operation and five Rosemount 1056 analytical monitors for water monitoring.

The system seamlessly integrates into existing water reclaim system and existing distribution loop.

A plan was put into place with the help of Emerson employees to have a zero down time installation while new equipment was coming on line and old equipment was being removed. This resulted in a smooth transition from old to new, while keeping production up and running.