IMCA Sport Modified Racing Car & Driver

Smith Engineering is proud to sponsor our employee’s passion for IMCA Sport Modified Racing.

Smith employee, Tyler Archer, doesn’t just build systems for Smith Engineering, he builds race cars. Smith Engineering proudly sponsors Tyler’s #42 IMCA Sport Modified race car.

Tyler’s sport modified race car was built from the ground up. Everything, short of a few pieces, was hand built by either a chassis builder, Tyler, and friends.

Racing is in the blood. Tyler’s racing hobby is shared with his entire family. His grandpa, dad, brothers, and little sister all race in different classes. He has been racing since the age of sixteen. His car is christened with the #42. “When I was 16, my stepdad built a derby car and he let me run it. One of his good friends gave me the number sign, 42, and it just kind of stuck!” Tyler’s team consists of his family and a few buddies.

To race, Tyler must pay an entrance fee and buy a license for each track he races on. In addition to Smith Engineering, Tyler also gets support from his good friend, Phil, who also happens to be the husband of Smith employee, Cassie Schneider! “Phil’s Speed Shop” is advertised on the side of the #42 race car. Tyler participates in ten to twenty races a season on a circle track. His most recent races were at the Sibley County Fair and the Season Championship, which all take place at the Arlington Raceway.

Tyler’s years of racing included one rollover. He rolled two times. Luckily, the 5-point harness and head protector kept him well insulated inside.

Interestingly, the tires run at a very low psi (as low as 8 psi) which allows for more traction. The tires on the inside track are kept at a lower psi than the tires on the outside of the track because of the circling!

Congratulations on another season, Tyler!

IMCA Sport Modified Racing Car & Driver

Tyler Archer, #42, and Smith Operations, Bob Lucas

IMCA Sport Modified Racing Car