Smith Engineering begins major plant renovation project with Medtronic.

Smith Engineering has begun a major manufacturing plant renovation project with Medtronic Puerto Rico Operations at their Juncos facility.  The project is accessing a wide variety of Smith capabilities including design and installation of Purified Water Treatment Equipment, Waste Neutralization including process chemical collection and transfer, and distribution piping. Smith will also perform EQ/IQ and OQ of the equipment.

AQM & Edgardo

Xavier Morice, President of Smith Engineering’s Central American affiliate, Aquametric, Howard “Power” Rodriguez, Aquametric Service Technician, Dustin Dupont, Smith Engineering Installation Tech, and Edgardo Landron, project manager for Medtronic from Smart-PRS in Puerto Rico.

Smith Engineering is no stranger to Isla Del Encanto.  Since 1992 Smith Engineering has completed over a dozen process water purification installations in Puerto Rico at Medtronic and other manufacturing sites.  The current project is expected to last through at least May of 2020.


In January, the Smith Installation team was able to travel to earthquake damaged areas of the island. Smith Engineering made a significant contribution of food and non-perishable items to those displaced.  “The people of Puerto Rico amaze me,” stated Bob Lucas, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Smith Engineering.  “I was here immediately after Maria as well and the positive attitude maintained by the residents of this island is really heartwarming.”

Smith’s VP of Sales & Marketing, Bob Lucas, and Medtronic Juncos employees

Smith’s VP of Sales & Marketing, Bob Lucas, and Medtronic Juncos employees.