Recirculating DI System Used to Conserve Water

In order to conserve water, Smith’s customer, RMS, wanted a hot DI recirculation system to circulate water through rinse tanks in their new passivation equipment. Smith designed a system capable of maintaining high resistivity while protecting the mixed bed resin from any substances that may carry over from the passivation process.

This system has many unique aspects: passivation with chemicals and metals; removes foreign materials other than DI water while maintaining high resistivity; uses only one system to supply water to two rinse tanks in the passivation line; two tanks that must drain back to the DI system.

Smith used a carbon tank to remove organics and a chelate tank to remove any heavy metals that may carry over from the passivation process. The mixed bed DI tank maintains high resistivity. The system supplies/pulls from two rinse tanks and the rinse tanks gravity drain into sump which our pump pulls from and pressurizes the water.

The Result is a recirculating DI system with a Mixed-Bed DI tank that is proceeded by a hot carbon tank and hot chelate tank. These tanks help protect the mixed bed resin and keep it running longer. The two rinse tanks gravity drain into a storage tank. The system pump pulls from the tank and pressurizes the water to send it through the tanks and on to the supplies of the rinse tanks. The system can be fed new, fresh DI water from a different DI system.