Custom Industrial Plastic Tanks

Custom Industrial Plastic Tanks

Terracon manufactures a comprehensive portfolio of custom and pre-engineered plastic mixing, transfer, and storage solutions. Our application expertise and knowledge of customer workflows produce rapid lead times and bespoke project turnaround. From high-purity water systems to durable, cost-effective storage, Terracon’s plastic tanks, vessels, and single-use accessories solve problems across a wide range of life science, medical, and industrial applications.

Mixing Tanks

Terracon’s knowledge and expertise are exemplified in its polypropylene and polyethylene mixing tanks. From small-volume carboy mixers to specialty applications such as low-level tulip tanks to large-scale process tanks, Terracon provides both pre-engineered and custom solutions.  From design to delivery, we offer one of the fastest response times in the industry. Our plastic mixers are more economical than metal vessels, and are not susceptible to pitting, rusting, or ionic contamination.

Terracon plastic mixers are available from low-volume, inline static mixers to 50,000 L process tanks. Stand options include plastic, stainless steel, or powder-coated metal stands. They can be ordered with cylindrical flat, cone, and dish-bottom tanks or as rectangular tanks. Options include sanitary fittings, complete drain systems, and spray balls for cleaning in place (CIP). Dual-impeller agitators, baffles, and vortex breakers can be added to optimize mixing. Terracon mixers can be configured to meet USP Class VI, cGMP, and FDA requirements.

Transfer Totes and Trays

Terracon provides pre-engineered and custom products to transfer bulk liquids and powders processed in life science and industrial applications. Our polyethylene, polypropylene, and PVDF products are available as standard or customized solutions for your specific powder and liquid transfer workflows. These specially designed plastic tanks, biopharmaceutical totes, and carrying trays can incorporate low-to-the-ground designs that are ideal for mobile applications. Terracon’s cGMP custom liquid transfer solutions are ideal for single-use bags and can be custom fitted for your bioprocessing applications.  Most transfer products have non-marking casters for easy mobility, and are fabricated with either stainless steel or powder-coated metal legs or seamless with molded linear construction and molded-in legs. Our liquid transfer products offer exceptional durability, structural integrity, and stability.

Terracon’s liquid transfer products feature:

  • Sloped floor and hose ports, as desired
  • Viewing slots for bag level
  • Easy mobility with swivel, non-marking casters

Transfer carts can handle up to 500 L single-use bags. Biopharmaceutical totes for single-use bags are available up to 200 L and can support multiple bags on one cart. Transfer tanks can handle up to 500 L of liquid.

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Storage Tanks

Terracon’s engineering knowledge and technology expertise enable the delivery of plastic storage tanks that quickly address your application’s needs. Our polypropylene, polyethylene, and PVDF storage tanks range in capacity from 20 L to 60,000 L and are USP Class VI, cGMP, and FDA compliant.

Terracon’s pre-engineered and custom storage tanks are ideal for ultra-purified water storage, concentrate mixing and storage, chemical storage, and single-use biopharmaceutical processing. They are available with cone or flat bottoms.


Terracon’s exceptional engineering expertise and deep understanding of customer workflows enable the development of a variety of custom mixing, transfer, and storage accessories. From spargers to trays to valves to rinse stations, our standard and custom designs are available with rapid turnaround times.

These accessories can be incorporated with Terracon’s mixing, transfer, and storage vessels to create integrated skid systems, single-use biopharmaceutical solutions, and custom mixers with impellers, baffles, dip tubes, and stands.

Terracon accessories are constructed from high-quality polypropylene, polycarbonate, and PVC stock and meet USP Class VI, cGMP, and FDA requirements.

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