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HF Series High Flow Cartridges

HF Series High Flow Cartridges address your need for absolute rated filter cartridges in high flow rate applications. HF Series cartridges are designed for use as a direct replacement to the Pall Highflow Ultipleat® and 3MTM 740 series elements. Filtration efficiencies exceed 99%.
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HFB Series High Flow Pleated Filter Cartridges

HFB Series high flow pleated filter cartridges seal into most standard bag filter vessels. These cartridges deliver high efficiencies, flow rates, and loading capacities at extremely low initial pressure drops.
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EHF3 Series High Flow Cartridges

The EHF3 Series cartridge has been designed to address the need for critical filtration in high flow applications. Large diameter, high surface area filters dramatically reduce maintenance and production downtime. EHF3 cartridges are a direct replacement for the 3M/Cuno High Flow series cartridges.
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