DermAssist®Powder-Free Sterile Surgical Glove

These low-protein, powder-free gloves eliminate air-borne particles of latex protein associated with powdered surgical gloves. Ultra-low modulus is designed for greater comfort, less hand fatigue during long surgical procedures. See the spec sheet >


NitriDerm® Nitrile Powder Free Sterile Surgical Gloves

These nitrile synthetic surgical gloves contain no natural rubber latex proteins. Soft, highly elastic formulation provides the maximum in comfort, fit and protection, while offering exceptional tactile sensitivity.  See the spec sheet >


Teknipro Nitrile 12″ Class 100 Glove

The Teknipro Nitrile 12″ Class 100 Glove is intended for critical applications where cleanliness, consistency, & quality are vital to your products, operators & bottom line. This glove is double chlorinated & laundered to remove contamination. Supple feel & micro-textured finger tips and “tacky” surface ensure tactile sensitivity for challenging tasks.  See the spec sheet >


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