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Storage Solutions

Metro shelf types include plastic shelving, utility carts, high-density track shelving systems, and more than 10,000 other storage solutions for the foodservice, healthcare and commercial markets. Metro is the most trusted brand in wire shelving and the creator of the “industry standard” commercial wire shelving system Super Erecta.

Wire carts by Metro have an open-wire design. As a result, the design minimizes dust accumulation and promotes freer air circulation, allows light to penetrate better, which provides greater visibility of your stored items.

The carts come in various cart sizes, shelving configurations, and caster styles. Additionally, wire carts by Metro assemble without tools, using an interlocking split sleeve that allows shelf adjustment at 1″ increments. As a result, this makes relocation of shelves quick and simple. And Super Erecta shelf construction ensures absolute rigidity. Furthermore, dividers, ledges, enclosure panels, Super Erecta slides, and tote boxes accessorize carts.  Finally, cart covers are available as well.



The ultimate storage and handling system with a lifetime guarantee against rust

MetroMax Q

Quick to Clean Quick to Adjust Quick to Assemble

Super Adjustable 2™ Super Erecta

The easiest to adjust wire shelving system ever


Add-A-Shelf, Remove-A-Shelf . . . Instantly

Super Erecta

The Original Wire Storage and Handling System

Drop Mat

Provides density and containment economically

Super Erecta Solid

A solid performer in the proven Super Erecta style

Super Erecta Pro

A solid performer in the proven Super Erecta style


Metro Super Erecta Pro Carts


Metro Super Erecta Pro Carts are proven Super Erecta performance combined with removable polymer shelf mats. This offers a justifiable upgrade to traditional wire shelving.
Metro Standard-Duty Carts

Metro Standard Duty MW Utility Carts offer a level of versatility and durability you’ll find nowhere else. These cart systems are available in the sizes and styles that will best suit your environment.

Metro Stem Caster Wire Carts

Metro stem caster carts come in a variety of finishes and sizes. Furthermore, from utility carts to taller carts, there is a size to fit your needs.

Metro Heavy-duty SP Series Wire Carts
Metro Heavy Duty SP Series carts are Heavy-Duty & Highly Maneuverable.  Therefore, these carts can handle and distribute a large volume of material safely and efficiently. Super Erecta Brite Finish – 600 lbs. capacity per cart; Chrome and Stainless Steel – 900 lbs. capacity per cart.
Metro Heavy-duty Dolly Trucks

Metro Heavy Duty Dolly Trucks consists of 4 shelves, posts, sleeves, and 5″ resilient rubber plate casters, two with brake. Overall height is 68 7/16″. Weight capacity is 1000 lbs evenly distributed.

Metro Wine Carts

Metro Wine Cart is perfect for use in a store display or in your own home. Wheels make the cart mobile therefore making it easy to maneuver into the perfect spot for your display. Measures 14D x 36W x 27H”.

Metro Slanted Shelf Wire Trucks

Metro Slanted Shelf Trucks come in a variety of finishes and sizes. Because you can choose from utility carts to taller carts, there is a size to fit your needs.

Metro Wire Mobile Tray Racks

Metro Mobile Tray Racks  come in a variety of finishes and sizes. From utility carts to taller carts, there is a size to fit your needs.

Metro Wire Kitting Carts

Metro Kitting Carts provide efficient handling of totes. Additionally, they handle PCB carriers, trays, or other miscellaneous material handling containers.

Metro Basket Shelf Carts


Basket shelf wire carts by Metro provide a secure way to transport your sensitive products. Because they have sides on the basket shelves, they prevent product from falling off. Furthermore, basket shelves can be configured into a mobile cart. Each basket shelf is 3½” deep, to keep items secure during transfer.

Metro Basket Utility Carts

Metro Basket Utility Cart includes 1 Flat Super Erecta Shelf and 2 Super Erecta Basket Shelves. Each basket shelf has a 3 1/2″ high ledge. Comes with 4″ casters and a handle for easy maneuvering.

Metro Lab Animal Research Carts

Metro Lab Animal Research Carts are designed to store and transport animal feed. Stainless steel finish provides superior corrosion resistance, while compact footprint makes it easy to maneuver in and around tight lab spaces. Additionally, clear totes provide easy identification of tote contents.

Metro Quick Ship Basket Carts

Metro Quick Ship Basket Cart ships quick because all items fit into one box! No Tools Required, Assembles in minutes. Deep enough to hold product without blocking aisles. Comes in one size only, 18x24x36″.

The Social Distancing Shield

The Social Distancing Shield can be added to Super Erecta® or Super Adjustable Super Erecta® posts on 30″-36″ length units. Easily snap the shield onto any cart or shelving unit to create a safe working environment for employees and customers alike! Perfect for attaching to prep units in the back-of-house, or adding to customer facing stations.

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