In-House Equipment Validation

In-House Equipment Validation – ensures your system will consistently perform within parameters.

Smith Engineering has recently taken validation in house to support our equipment from specification and design to the first drop of water used in the final application.

Our validation provides a high degree of assurance that our system will perform in the consistent and expected way it was designed.

Our protocol includes an installation qualification (IQ), operational qualification (OQ), and performance qualification (PQ) support.  

  • The IQ verifies that each piece of equipment is installed as designed per the P&ID and electrical drawing
  • The OQ verifies that every installed component is then operating correctly when utilities are supplied.
  • The PQ is the testing that verifies that the system is continually meeting the specifications it is designed to meet. Smith Engineering typically supports a testing plan and can help identify a laboratory to support the PQ. The PQ is often split into two phases: a short-term and long-term phase.

The final deliverable includes the IQ and OQ that were executed by Smith Engineering, the first phase of PQ test results, and a final report that summarizes and concludes any deviations that were found.

We are experts in identification of customer need and our in-house validation completes our full-service package.

Our team would be happy to present our validation package and include it as an option on any system we design!

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