Lenny Klosinski

Happy Retirement to Lenny Klosinski

Lenny Klosinski started at Smith Engineering back in 1993 as a Service Technician specializing in electrical.  His career at Smith began when Harm Rand owned the company. Harm stated, “Lenny did a very good job of wiring electrical panels during my time as president of Smith Engineering. He did all the electrical work on the Jabil systems throughout the United States and Mexico.”  Harm always admired the respect Lenny had for his parents and others. “He was always very respectful of Charlotte, former Office Manager at Smith, and I.” Lenny shared mutual admiration for his former employers, stating, “Harm and Char are like family. Harm was like a dad.”

Bob Lucas, VP of Sales and Marketing, commented, “Lenny makes friends of our customers. They request him”.  Bob and Lenny went to Puerto Rico to assess the needs of Smith customers after the hurricane in 2017.  “I enjoyed my trip to Puerto Rico with Lenny after Hurricane Maria. Traveling the island to our customer’s facilities was a great adventure made better by his knowhow. Lenny is a very skilled and experienced service technician who enjoys international work because of the experiences it provides.”

Lenny has turned in his toolbox for charity work. Lenny’s philosophy is, “be grateful for what you have”. Lenny says, “I’ve had a lot of battles but having to go through cancer has been the biggest.” Lenny is doing great after defeating cancer and regularly volunteers at his church and various charities.

Thank you, Lenny, for being a tireless professional and friend to many. You will be remembered for the things you did here. Best of Luck!