Graco turns to Smith Engineering for a cost reducing solution of their DI outlay

Smith president, Tom Devereux, designed a 10 GPM RO System to integrate with Graco’s current Two Bed Skid which is fed by city water.  This drastically reduced Graco’s cost of two beds by having the RO do the lion’s share of work removing impurities from the incoming city water before it passes through the DI system. The system also features a carbon filter and twin alternating softeners that feeds the RO and a permeate storage tank that, in turn, feeds the existing Two Bed Skid and loop to production. A new distribution pump located on the reverse osmosis frame keeps the two beds polished and the loop running. The 10 GPM Reverse Osmosis System is also expandable to 15 GPM should their requirements change in the future.

10 GPM RO Pretreatment System for Graco