Featured Employee – Jerry Sullivan

Jerry Sullivan, Smith Engineering Equipment Build Manager

Jerry & Shelly Sullivan


Smith Engineering is proud to feature a long-time employee and anchor in its Equipment Manufacturing, Jerry Sullivan. The measure of Smith Engineering’s success can be correlated to the quality equipment we put out. As our Equipment Build Manager, Jerry oversees the manufacturing of all Smith equipment. With Jerry’s direction, Smith is able to put out high quality, custom-made equipment manufactured to each customer’s specific needs. Vice President of Operations, Bob Lucas, describes Jerry as, “the ‘steady Eddy’ of the management team. Nothing riles him up; regardless of the pace of things, he’s always in control.” Jake Weiers, Engineer, admires Jerry’s work ethic, “Jerry is very hard working and pays great attention to detail. Jerry has a unique gift of visualizing a system layout with only a plumbing diagram to reference.” Sales/Technical Support and Maintenance Supervisor, Lowell Christiansen, added, “Jerry has always been and continues to be a very dedicated and hardworking employee of Smith Engineering. He is always up for the challenges of building new systems. Since taking over the build management position, Jerry has implemented many new changes in how the building process advances toward completion.”

Jerry began working at Smith on May 21<sup>st</sup>, 1990. Jerry’s personal philosophy is “work hard, play hard!” When asked, what’s the one thing you couldn’t live without? Jerry replied, “of course, my family!” “I have been married 28 years to my wife, Shelly, and we have one daughter.”

Digging up a little history on Jerry, we found out that Jerry’s most disliked job from his past was picking up rocks in an open filed for hours and hours and hours. What he does enjoy, however, is cruising on his Harley with his wife, Shelly <em>– see photo</em>. Jerry considers the greatest innovation in his lifetime to be the cell phone, “great device for communication and keeping in contact with family and friends.”

Lucky for Smith, when asked, “what would you do for a career if you weren’t doing this?” Jerry said, “I’m not sure on this one – I enjoy what I’m doing and the variety of work that is being done at Smith Engineering. I truly enjoy working ‘hands on’ building the equipment – every system is different requiring creativity which adds another level of interest keeping me inspired.”

Jerry defines success as, “keeping our customers happy and having them return for additional equipment and services.” Jerry also commented, “I have been with Smith Engineering for over 27 years. Great company, great people and great times!”