Epitopix Goes With Smith

The prominent veterinary vaccine manufacturer went with an innovative design by  Smith Engineering to replace their vapor compression still. Our water purifier used a unique 2 gpm reverse osmosis/deionization combination that not only saved space by not using a break tank between the RO and DI loops, but is also inherently more sanitary.   The purified water filled an existing chilled storage tank where we have a high purity, sanitary pump skid that is plumbed with Asahi PVDF capable of withstanding high temperature sanitization with a TOC reducing UV as well as endotoxin retentive final filters.  This turns the tank over continuously as well as feeds a hot water storage tank.  One of the challenges that we overcame was integrating our new system with all of the pre-existing control equipment, such as control valves, temperature sensors, level sensors, etc.   We were able to centralize the entire control of their water system as well as multiple existing loops and sensors.