DI H2O Frequently Asked Questions

What is DI Water?

Deionized water is water that has gone through an electrochemical process to remove the dissolved mineral content.


What is Deionized Water used for?

Purified water has many uses in manufacturing, including parts cleaning, formulating, cooling and testing.


How Much Does it Cost?

There is typically a capital and operating cost associated with DI water. The capital cost is in a treatment “system” that incorporates the DI tanks. Exchanging the DI tanks and maintenance are the operating costs. Generally speaking, DI water can be provided for pennies per gallon.


How Does the Exchange Program Work?

Every DI tank has a given capacity based on its size. The resin in the tank becomes “exhausted” when the resin is saturated with contaminant ions. At that time the tank can no longer effectively deionize the water. The tank is exchanged for a fresh DI tank as routine service. The exhausted tank is regenerated in our plant through a chemical process. The customer is charged the “exchange” price that includes delivery.


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