Decontamination Consumables During A Pandemic

New infectious viruses or diseases, or new strains of already known ones, are challenging to identify immediately. In general, they are not identified until a person is showing symptoms and are later tested. This means that in the days or even weeks before symptoms occur, a person is more than likely leaving a trail of contagious germs all over (viral shedding). Not only is personal hygiene extremely important (washing your hands, not touching your face, etc.) but preventative measures on larger scales are also necessary.

Different areas will, of course, require different methods of preventative measures, but in some of the more crucial areas such as hospitals, factories, pharmacies and commercial operations; proper protocols must be implemented in order to prevent or stop cross-contamination or re-contamination. Correct use of decontamination consumables is going to be one of the strongest treatments of spreading contagions, and following appropriate guidelines can safeguard these areas.

Although such germs cannot be seen by the human eye, assume that they may be anywhere a person can touch, cough, or sneeze on; they may also float into the air, landing in near areas that we do not think to consider. In general, we should take extra precautions to ensure less of a spread and more of a control. We are facing a situation which we do not fully understand, but what we do understand is the importance of social mannerisms and social distancing that will prevent the spread of these contagious diseases, as well as how critical it is to clean our areas and continue to work hard against contaminating others. We must be extra vigilant about these precautions and cleaning actions, as they are imperative and completely under our control.

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