Custom Purified Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems for Passivation Processes

Custom DI System 

10 GPM DI-Ultrafiltration USP Purified Water System:  This Cold Clean system utilizes ion exchange resin, ultraviolet (UV) light, and ultrafiltration (UF) to produce USP Purified Water from a city water feed source. Initial deionization (DI) of the city water is performed by two sets of two-bed (cation and anion) ion exchange tanks. The two-bed sets remove most of the dissolved solids from the city water. The water is recirculated through the two-beds and a disinfection UV light (254nm wavelength) in a loop to ensure the water continuously flows and prevent bacteria or biogrowth issues from occurring.

Prior to entering the USP Purified Water distribution loop, the deionized water undergoes further treatment in the mixed-bed DI section of the system. First, the Total Organic Carbon (TOC) compounds in the water are broken down by a TOC reduction UV light (185nm wavelength). Then the water flows through a “polishing” mixed-bed ion exchange tank which removes almost all of the remaining dissolved solids from the water. The quality of the water is measured by a resistivity sensor which indicates how pure the water is. The polished water is treated by a final disinfection UV light and flows through the ultrafiltration (UF) membrane element. The UF membrane has tiny pores that allow water to pass through but prevent bacteria, viruses, and endotoxins from entering the distribution loop. The distribution loop provides water to the points of use and returns back to the beginning of the mixed-bed DI section of the system to ensure the water continuously flows.



Neutralizer System - Semi-automatic batch acid neutralizer

Neutralizer System – Semi-automatic batch acid neutralizer: This neutralization system adjusts the pH of wastewater produced by various manufacturing processes (ex. passivation) so that it meets the pH specifications required to discharge the wastewater to the drain. The wastewater feeding this system is acidic (low pH) which means the pH is lower than the discharge requirements. This system utilizes sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3), which is basic (high pH), to raise the pH so the wastewater is permitted to be discharged to drain. The system uses pH probes to measure the pH of the wastewater as it is recirculated and mixed in the tank and adds sodium bicarbonate until the wastewater can be discharged. When the pH meets the discharge requirements, the drain valve opens and the wastewater flows to drain.


Unique Aspects are Ultraviolet Disinfection/TOC Reduction and UF membrane final filtration. This Solution provides consistent membrane-based USP Purified Water for use in passivation and other manufacturing processes, and a wastewater neutralization system.

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