Cold-Clean™ at Upsher-Smith

20 Gallon Per Minute Cold-Clean TM Purified Water System

Upsher- Smith Laboratories, Inc. a Maple Grove based pharmaceutical company, recently took delivery of a 20 gallon per minute “Cold-Clean™” purified water system manufactured by Smith Engineering Inc.  Upsher-Smith is no stranger to this technology as this purchase represents at least the fifth Smith Engineering purified water system in operation at Upsher- Smith.

“This was not a standard build for us, if we have such a thing,” stated Bob Lucas, Smith Engineering VP of Operations and Upsher-Smith project manager.  “Upsher demanded a level of remote oversight and monitoring that was significantly advanced compared to any previous systems.  Our electrical engineering group and programmers welcomed the challenge of giving this customer exactly what they desired.  I feel strongly we have met the requirement in splendid fashion.”

Data inputs from the water system are collected and forwarded to Upsher-Smith, Smith Engineering or both, based on customer need.  The system also incorporates the Smith-Link™ Remote DI Exchange Notification System.