1994 Medtronic PR System

Built To Last

"This water system was installed by Smith Engineering in 1994. I know because I helped install it. I was a vendor to Smith at the time, and was invited to go on the install and startup. The system is in a lean-to, outside of the...

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Ace Sanitary tubing, hoses, fittings, and accessories with the Seal Rite patented design

Coupling Expertise With Speed & Simplicity

Smith Engineering offers Ace Sanitary tubing, hoses, fittings, and accessories with the Seal Rite patented design. We specialize in understanding the processes of our customers and providing proven, engineered solutions to meet their sanitary and high purity application requirements. EXPERTLY ENGINEERED The patented design is engineered to become a...

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USP purified water at 140gpm

USP Purified Water at 140 gpm!

Smith Engineering recently designed and manufactured a Pharma System which was built to support manufacturing in a 300,000 square foot expansion project. The system operates with the latest advancements in water treatment to produce and distribute USP purified water at 140 gallons per minute. The generation...

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Unique Purification Solutions

The Smith Engineering team offers custom solutions for our customer needs. Check out these custom water purification systems that were recently completed by our Build Department.   4 gpm RO & 15 gpm DI/MF This system features an RO to save on operating costs and a 15gpm DI...

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MicroCNX™ Sterile Connectors

Smith Engineering would like to highlight CPC’s new MicroCNX™ sterile connectors. The MicroCNX™ is a single-use, small-format, aseptic connectors which offer a smarter, faster, and easier alternative to tube welding. The best part is that this small connector works with a simple 3-step connection process. It...

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Aquafine VL™ Series

New! Smaller & More Efficient UV From Aquafine

Aquafine VL™ Series Compact design and economical UV water treatment for low-flow Industrial applications Aquafine’s new VL model replaced SL-1 and MP2SL. The VL has both disinfection and TOC capabilities. Unlike, the preceding models of its size the VL can now be more easily installed as it...

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