1994 Medtronic PR System

Built To Last

“This water system was installed by Smith Engineering in 1994. I know because I helped install it. I was a vendor to Smith at the time, and was invited to go on the install and startup. The system is in a lean-to, outside of the manufacturing building. It’s also in Puerto Rico. It’s been through hurricanes and earthquakes. When I try to convince our customer to replace it, they say ‘Why? It works perfectly!'”
~ Bob Lucas, VP Sales & Marketing

Our expertise is in the design and installation of unique water systems.

Smith Engineering manufactures custom high purity water treatment equipment. Our manufacturing arm designs and builds treatment equipment with the precise requirements of our customer in mind even if that means an outdoor lean-to location! We offer no standard product line; our finished products are the result of process and purity requirements determined by our customer and our extensive knowledge of water purity requirements particular to given applications/industries.

Smith supports all water treatment equipment with a fleet of field service technicians, and distributes products utilized in high purity process environments.


We have a solution to fit your needs.

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