Brian Johnson at Smith Engineering

Brian JohnsonI joined Smith Engineering in April, 2015. I have a strong background in Ultra-Pure Water treatment. My background began in 1983 as a service technician. My responsibility included installation, upgrading and improving existing equipment and refurbishing ultra-pure water systems to their peak performance.

My career progressed to engineering and design of complete water treatment systems, including standard platforms and manufacture.

Along the trail, I worked in a Project Management role for 6 years. As Project Manager my responsibility included on site coordination of large water treatment systems in Automotive Manufacturing, which consisted of Pretreatment, Reverse Osmosis, Ultra Filtration, along with Electro-coating process equipment and controls. I spent time training Field Technicians on equipment installation and operation and Start-up. I also trained the End User Operator.

Currently I function in a Sales Engineer role and have for the past 13+ years. I have focused in Pharmaceutical, Medical (Dialysis Systems), Hospitals, Laboratory, Life Sciences, Biotechnology, and other industrial and specialized production projects.

My strength is in Medical Device manufacturing Ultra-Pure water processes, Laboratory grade systems (ASTM & CLRW), Hospital Central Sterile, Humidification feed water, Dialysis water systems, Biomedical, Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical, and many more industrial related areas of our specialized market.

My role as Sales Engineer is to consult and develop water treatment system design, in some cases provide specifications for bid specifications. We are interested in working with firms to develop customized high purity equipment and distribution systems to meet strict Ultra-Pure high purity water and sterility standards.