Back-ordered on Silicone Tubing? We Can Help!

We carry TBL Pharm-A-Clear™ Platinum Cured Silicone Tubing!

The Pump size numbers in the TBL brochure represent direct replacements for the Cole Parmer products you’re struggling to get!

  • “CLEAR” is standard Platinum Cured
  • “LH” is for Low Hysteresis and is used in tubing pump





Pharm-A-Clear™ C | Medical-Grade Platinum-Cured Silicone

Pharm-A-Clear™ C is widely used for liquid media transfer and serves exceptionally well as peristaltic-pump tubing in bio-pharmaceutical applications, and is a preferred component of many singl-use tubing assemblies.  TBL Plastics stocks a wide range of sizes specific to most major pump manufactures and models.


Pharm-A-Clear™ LH | Low Hysteresis Silicone

For the most critical and exacting meter-dose peristaltic-pump applications, TBL developed the Pharm-A-Clear™ LH (low hysteresis) platinum-cured Silicone Tubing. The “LH” series tubing is manufactured from a platinum-cured silicone compound that exhibits many unique characteristics which are not typical of other platinum-cured silicones. TBL Low-Hysteresis Silicone exhibits the life span of peroxide-cured silicones with purity levels that only a platinum compound can assure.

TBL tubing is certified BSE/ TSE compliant, ISO 10993-5, and USP Class VI. Pharm-A-Clear™ LH, is recommended wherever high precision dosing, high purity, and longer tubing life is desired.


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