Asahi-America partners with Smith Engineering in Costa Rica

Asahi-America, a world leader in process polymer technology, recently accompanied their channel partner Smith Engineering on a Central American project at the Coyol Industrial Park in Alajuela, Costa Rica. Smith Engineering recently delivered a “Cold-Clean” USP Quality water system to Abbott Laboratories there. The company was also awarded the purified loop installation contract. When vendor issues significantly delayed the delivery of materials for the loop, Smith was able to call upon Asahi-America in order to obtain the required piping, valves and fittings. “We were in a pretty significant jam with a very important customer,” commented Smith Vice President of Operations Bob Lucas. “The Asahi group was outstanding to work with. They were able to deliver our order almost 100% complete in about two weeks. They also met us in Costa Rica to conduct tool training for our affiliate and Abbott personnel. From A to Z they were thorough, professional and truly exceeded our expectations.” Smith Engineering is a Chaska Minnesota based manufacturer of process purified water systems including, RO, DI, EDI in order to meet strict water quality standards.

Smith provides turnkey installation from design through qualification, including distribution piping and aftermarket service and sales.