Aquametric- Smith Engineering’s Central America Representative

In Alajuela, Costa Rica, not from the capital city of San Jose, you will find Smith Engineering’s Central America representative, Aquametric S.A.

President and owner Xavier Morice’s company sells Smith Engineering’s capital equipment offering, and services numerous installed water treatment systems in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica has become a prized destination for international manufacturing companies, especially in the medical device and bio-pharma industries. Boasting numerous industrial parks with robust infrastructure, an eager and educated workforce, and beautiful landscape and environment, its no surprise major manufacturers find Costa Rica appealing.

Aquametric produces purified bottled water for sale to industry, operates a deionization plant, and services water treatment equipment throughout the region. They are a natural partner for Smith Engineering’s “Cold-Clean” DI systems that require exchange deionization service. Aquametric’s service group is also experienced in the installation of purified water distribution loops, assisting or completing several installations on behalf of Smith Engineering.