Announcing TekniMop – The Best Mop on The Market

We are very excited to introduce a new TekniMop. TekniMop is an excellent choice for cleaning of floors, & walls in controlled environments. Its best performance is provided by combining the “pick-up” of microfiber, absorbency of foam, and strength of polyester. This product is also available as Sterile for Aseptic processing applications.

The new mop is lightweight, ergonomic and easy to use on all surfaces; and it is compatible with most solvents and cleaning solutions. The robust design allows for effective washing and re-use, as protocols allow. This is a best-performing mop and is available at economical costs.

Here are some more details on this new best-in-class TekniMop:

Composition & Attributes

  •  Very Low Particle & Fiber Levels, Very Hi Sorbency per Weight
  • 100% Synthetic & Recyclable Eco-friendly material
  • Microfiber Polypropylene Surface/Polyester Support
  • Maximum Surface Area for best Exposure & Pick-Up
  • Saturated mop will effectively cover >200sq’ area


  • Surface cleaning (smooth or textured) floors & walls
  • Hi liquid holding capacity facilitates surface exposure & easy use
  • Excellent surface area for best contact and removal of contaminants
  • Non-Quat Binding materials, No depletion of disinfectant or cleaner
  • Compatible with ISO Class 6-7 (Class 1000-10,000) environments
  • Available Sterile for Aseptic Environments; Cobalt 60 Gamma Irradiation

Physical Properties Material

  • 280 Grams per unit
  • 40 GSM Polypropylene Microfiber Cleaning Surface
  • 200 GSM Hydro-entangled Polyester Absorbent Layer
  • 40 GSM Spun-bond Polyester Backing Layer


  • Extrinsive Capacity: >170 ml/pc
  • Intrinsic Capacity: >8.5 ml/g
  • Sorptive Rate: <1 second

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