Mercy Ship's Global Mercy

A New Ship: Announcing the Global Mercy

The world’s largest civilian hospital ship designed to double the hope, double the healing The dream was born long ago. What if we designed a new hospital ship? One that could hold more patients? Support more volunteer crewmembers? Deliver more medical training? What if we build a vessel...

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Aquafine VL™ Series

New! Smaller & More Efficient UV From Aquafine

Aquafine VL™ Series Compact design and economical UV water treatment for low-flow Industrial applications Aquafine’s new VL model replaced SL-1 and MP2SL. The VL has both disinfection and TOC capabilities. Unlike, the preceding models of its size the VL can now be more easily installed as it...

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Cold-Clean™ Technology

Cold-Clean™ refers to Smith Engineering’s line of DI-Ultrafiltration Purified Water Systems that are a perfect fit for manufacturing applications that require low/no microbial and/or endotoxin content. Learn more! ...

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DI H2O Frequently Asked Questions

What is DI Water? Deionized water is water that has gone through an electrochemical process to remove the dissolved mineral content.   What is Deionized Water used for? Purified water has many uses in manufacturing, including parts cleaning, formulating, cooling and testing.   How Much Does it Cost? There is typically a...

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Wayne Kuehne

Welcome Wayne Kuehne

Smith Engineering welcomes Wayne Kuehne to our growing Build Department. Our high demand for quality water purification systems has made it necessary for us to grow our organization. We are happy to have Wayne on the Smith team. Wayne is from Long Prairie, MN and...

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Decontamination Consumables During A Pandemic

New infectious viruses or diseases, or new strains of already known ones, are challenging to identify immediately. In general, they are not identified until a person is showing symptoms and are later tested. This means that in the days or even weeks before symptoms occur,...

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