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Process Water Purification

Exchange Tank Replacement

DI EXCHANGE 1Smith Engineering operates its own Deionization plant in Chaska Minnesota. With multiple route service trucks on the road daily an exchange is never far away. Typically Smith Engineering is capable of providing ½ day standard response to exchange requests and Emergency Service is also available 7 days per week. The exchange DI service allows you to have deionized water without the use of concentrated acids or bases.


  • Exchange tanks
  • Dedicated tanks
  • Two-bed deionizers
  • Mixed-bed deionizers
  • Weak base deionizers
  • Reverse Osmosis pre-treatment
  • Standby tanks
  • Automatic switchover systems
  • Automated Exchange Notification
  • Piping, PVC, CPVC, Sani-Tech, Poloypropylene, Teflon, Halar, PVDF and stainless steel



Our exchange DI systems are custom designed to meet the following water requirements:DI EXCHANGE - TANK ON DOLLY

  • Resistivity-other ionic standards (ohms-cm)
  • TOC (Total Organic Carbon) (ppb)
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Silica (ppb)
  • Particulates (Particles per liter)
  • Bacteria (CFU/ml)
  • Endotoxins (EU/ml)
  • Trace metals

Contact Smith Engineering today for a quote on your exchange requirements, including carbon and chelate.