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Process Water Purification

Cold-Clean™ Technology

Cold-Clean™ refers to Smith Engineering’s line of DI-Ultrafiltration Purified Water Systems that are a perfect fit for manufacturing applications that require low/no microbial and/or endotoxin content. Our Cold-Clean™ line provides purified water meeting the quality requirements found in USP Purified and WFI, all without the use of heat. System sizes begin at a 5 gpm flow rate  and can be built in multiples of that size. Typically incorporation of a serpentine distribution loop is required; materials are chosen based on the final water quality specification requirement. Please review our “Cold-Clean™” brochure found elsewhere on this page.

Cold-Clean™ is a term coined by Smith Engineering to describe the philosophy adhered to in the manufacture of water treatment and distribution system meeting a variety of purity standards. Cold-Clean™ is an alternative to heated technologies for the production of low/no microbial process water. Typical design specification include the following:

• Resistivity / Conductivity
• pH
• Microbial / Endotoxin Levels
• Total Organic Carbon


• RO/DI  or DI feeds Microfiltration/Ultrafiltration
• Recirculation Design Within the treatment equipment and storage
• Zero Dead Leg Design and Components
• Continuous Distribution System Velocity
• Ultraviolet Sterilization
• Routine Chemical Sanitization



• Quality materials of construction including 316 stainless steel housings and vessels
• Sanitary, non-metallic piping materials beyond the last point of treatment
• USP Class VI Plastics and Elastomers
• Membrane-friendly sanitizers



• Significantly lower capital cost than traditional stainless steel systems
• No utility requirement for steam/heated water
• Lower operating cost; no requirement to power expensive, energy consuming heaters or stills
• Easily installed, modified, and expanded
• Design thru Validation capabilities from a single vendor
• Green design