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Process Water Purification

thank you to our donors

Smith Engineering Mercy Ships Fund is the recipient of the generous charitable support from those in our community and businesses that we serve. It is an honor to recognize and thank our distinguished donors.

You as an individual or business are invited to join Smith Engineering’s Mercy Ships Honor Roll, a network of community-minded individuals and businesses whose philanthropic support is key to helping us achieve our goal.  You can donate now.


Honor Roll Participants


Pledges and Gifts of 10,000+


Les & June Nielsen



Smith Engineering Charity Golf Tournament

Pledges and Gifts of $5,000+






Pledges and Gifts of $2,500+




Pledges and Gifts of $1,500+


Delano United Methodist Church



Pledges and Gifts of $1,000+



Sun Wisneski






First United Methodist Church of Saint Cloud Region



Pledges and Gifts of $500+








David and Kimberly Stromswold






Mark Grant


 Delano United Methodist Church


Pledges and Gifts of $250+


Harm and Charlotte Rand


Beryl Perry










Matthew & April Taylor


Brian & Ann Johnson



Pledges and Gifts of $100+


Reverend Robert Moorlach


Donna M. Brown


Lowell Christiansen


Jeff & Kris DuBay


Jeff “Bunk” Kamann


Margaret Vanderhoff



Gerald and Christine Weiland


Jeff Bertsch



 Lisa Hammer


David and Barbara Greenberg


Tim Backlund – Federated Insurance


Federated Insurance – Employee Match for Tim Backlund




Helen & Jesse Parsons


Joe & Brenda Tholen


Elaine Morrow


Boni Fadden


Heraeus Medical Components


Frances G. Boyer



Pledges and Gifts of $50+


Joanie Lubeck


Pamela Williams


Hal Devereux


Michelle Devereux


Tanya Doering


Penny and Rick Schroeder


Mark and Christine Audette


Harry and Darci Landvick


Tek Pro Solutions


Cliff Dougherty


Tim Backlund


Jamie Shivery


Steve Sander


Greg & Terri Booth


Christa Theisen



Chad & Allison Buersken




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